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We’re solving energy poverty to create jobs

Jul 12, 2018

Mrs Heather Onoh is the MD of Smarter Grid International, a renewable energy company.  Recently, the company produced a solar powered kiosk aimed at creating jobs. She tells us more about it and how they  are solving the energy problems in Nigeria.

How did you come about providing affordable energy for people?

This solution came about just by understanding the problems of energy supply in Nigeria. Many people are energy starved and energy poor. Globally, over 1.2 billion people are living below energy poverty. In Nigeria alone, about 100 million are living off the grid or on the grid  but getting intermittent energy supply and so are energy poor. So, we decided to solve this problem because the problem is solvable. I am the CEO of Smarter Grid International. We are a renewable energy company, and our mission is clear, that no one is left in the dark. Our main idea is to provide affordable, accessible and productive use of energy to people especially those at the base of the pyramid so that they can be brought to the economic fore ground.



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