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Smarter Grid becomes the first Nigerian energy company to offer Lighting Global verified Solar home Systems

Smarter Grid has met the Lighting Global quality standards and been awarded a quality Assurance Certificate for all its solar home systems. Lighting global is an initiative of the World bank which provides the most up-to-date quality standards for solar home systems globally. The results from the quality verification test confirm that our ground-breaking systems are well ahead of other players in the sector, significantly outperforming similar systems tested in terms of Obtainable Daily Electrical Energy (Wh/day), durability and Lumens.

We are one of the large solar home system providers on the Lighting Global platform, our systems include a lighting package of bulbs, fresh water fishing lights for fisher men, mobile phone charging, sophisticated batteries compatible with our supporting appliances; radios, standing fan as well as HD 32” 24” 19” flat screen television, laptop adapters, solar clippers, and transistor radios. These systems can easily be used for domestic, institutional and productive use. End users can start-up businesses, fish productively whilst increasing savings by 200%, illuminate an entire rural school, health centers and poultry farms, while simultaneously enjoying entertainment through the large TV & radio and charging cell phones with our multi charging stations.

The quality assurance certification for Smarter Grid’s product family now confirms all of our solar home systems are quality verified by Lighting Global thorough test standards. In the renewable energy sector, these Quality Standards set a reference point for durability, and truth-in-advertising. They enable both customers and key stakeholders to accurately make informed decisions on the available off-grid solar solutions through these quality tests and certifications, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standards globally.

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