Smarter Grid products are made affordable by an integrated consumer financing scheme offering loans over a period of 24 to 36 months to customer segments interested in asset ownership in flexible instalments payable via multiple payment channels.


SGI customers are registered on our proprietary software after paying a little upfront fee and the first month subscription fee.

Customers receive their solar home systems, installation is provided by SGI technicians at zero cost.

The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity that is stored in the battery unit and customers’ access electricity from the battery unit stationed in their homes.

Customers make monthly payments, on a 24-36 month payment plan. This keeps the system fully functional and in-credit. The device is unlocked once full payment has been made over the course of the subscription plan. Payments are made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for electricity as a service.


24 hours Customer Service:

Our customers are better served through the personalized energy service created by our innovative software, 24-hour telephone line, two-way SMS system, and mobile app. We operate a cloud based system that cuts off and reconnect customers remotely.

Competent Supply chain:

Delivering products from our manufacturers to our customers requires a six sigma level of efficiency. SGI operates a comprehensive supply chain and cloud based inventory management system that not only works smoothly but is flexible and resistant to negative influences of all types.

Big Yellow Hub:

In order to connect with the grass root populace living beyond the grid, SGI developed the Big Yellow Hub. Manned by SGI’s rural women technician squad, our customers obtain a solar home system and DC appliances, join either of the consumer financing scheme, activate their systems, make enquiries, procure the services of a technician, update their systems, make phone calls at the Big Yellow Hub. The hub has given SGI visibility, enhanced connectivity, facilitated our scaling activities/ get, grow and keep strategy, aided in our women empowerment program amongst others.

Customer Analytics:

SGI’s innovative clouds software remotely collects and aggregates data on actual usage patterns, user habits and trend development. It is configured to handle large data and conform to market changes.