Product Packages

Given the flexibility of our systems, we tailor our packages according to the needs and economic strengths of our customers. Some of our packages are:

Big Yellow Lighty

Intended for price sensitive off-grid consumers who only need light, this lighty series with sophisticated energy efficient LED bulbs provides a lighting quality similar to standard on-grid lighting.

Big Yellow Fanny

Made up of fans and LED bulbs this package affords consumers a cooler, healthier living space and work area.

Big Yellow Telly

Comprising LED bulbs, TV and a free to air decoder with access to over 50 international and local channels, this package guarantees hours of digitized entertainment for its energy savvy users.

Big Yellow Biz

Designed with the business community in mind, this business series includes multi station chargers needed for a solar powered charging station business and LED tubes for lighting up large halls/workplaces and shops.