Our Agents are an integral part of our business model, therefore they are trained and equipped to have comprehensive operational knowledge of our products and the business dynamics, through undiluted partnership and business agreement by whose channels and networks our products are distributed. Our quintessential Agent is a business owner with a zeal for growth. Our value proposition provides illumination for extended hours of operation and additional stream of revenue for SGI agents ensuring a symbiotic relationship between our agents and us

Our Installers are professionally trained and mentored towards becoming Successful entrepreneurs with full product knowledge and installation expertise. We ensure that our installers EARN AND LEARN with the ultimate goal of breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Our Marketers are a strong channel for product sales and  information dissemination to our targeted customers, trained to be acquainted with full products knowledge and functionalities, which enables them to have the requisite business drive to market with products. Marketers remunerations are based on an agreed commission sharing formula as stipulated in marketers’ contractual agreement.


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