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Solar Energy is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics.


Solar Energy has several advantages over other forms of electricity generation which includes but not limited to availability, ease of maintenance and reduction of dependence on toxic fossil fuel etc.


SGI is an Innovative Solar Energy Company delivering affordable, reliable and clean solar energy systems and DC appliances to its ever expanding customer base in Sub-Saharan Africa in a bid to boost the Socio-Economic activity in the region.

Our products includes but are not limited to smart batteries, Efficient solar panels and DC appliances such as bulbs, radios, standing fans, televisions, clippers and refrigerators etc.

We have a hybrid payment plan that allows our customers the opportunity to either buy outrightly or pay on a lease to own basis.


Through our robust distribution channels, we deliver our various packages to our customers after the payment of the required commitment fee or the total outright price of the package. Our installer places the panel on the roof parallel to the ground and connects it to the battery inside the building where other DC appliances are being powered from.

What is the cost of powering my home or business with SGI Solar Home System (SHS)?

The amount you will pay is dependent on the package you subscribe to.

What Kind of repair services do you offer?

During warranty period of 3 years, any technical fault to the system will be handled by SGI.

What is the system performance during the raining season

Performance of the battery remain the same, however the maximum charging time increases relatively. Therefore customers are advised to manage usage.

Who is the SGI System Intended for?

The SGI Solar Home System is meant for people in rural, peri-urban and urban areas who suffer from no or epileptic power supply.

What are the payment plans for SGI products and Services?

We have two payment plans which give our customers the opportunity to choose the one that is suitable for them. The cost of subscribing is dependent on plan you chose viz a viz;

  • Outright purchase
  • Lease to own purchase.
How long does the battery last after sunset?

Our packages come in different sizes and capacities that are designed to last for minimum of 8 hours after sunset.

What kind of Appliances does SGI Solar Home System support?

SGI Solar Home Systems are compatible with all DC appliances such as Televisions, Bulbs, Radios, Clippers, Refrigerators, Sowing machines, Grinding machines etc.

What kind of power output does the SGI Solar Home Systems have?
  • 2 USB ports   –  5V DC
  • 4 pin Jack  ports  –  12V DC

Can I use a DC/AC Inverter with the System?
  • No. SGI Solar Home Systems are strictly designed to power DC appliances

    How to Optimize output from the SGI Solar Home System?

    To ensure power optimization, the panel should be placed at a position parallel to the ground from an elevation, without any shade covering it and it should be clean at all times. For effective use of the system, the battery should always be charged to full capacity and usage should be managed properly.

What are the Technical Supports Provided by SGI?

What happens if my system needs to be fixed, who pays for the repair?

SGI has a three year warranty covering all its products, which means every customer has a 3-year maintenance period for any fault that is not caused by the customer.

What happens if the system becomes faulty after 3years, is the repair service still valid?

After the warranty period, the customer pays for the maintenance and the repairs of the Solar Home System.

Can I install the system myself?

Yes you can, however it is advised that the services of a professional installer is deployed to ensure that installation is done properly.

I have made payment and my system is not producing power?

Call our 24/7 customer care services for assistants

What do I do when the hours or usage is bellow the expected hours?

  • Ensure that your system battery is fully charged
  • Ensure your panel is rightly positioned for efficient charging
  • Ensure your panel is free from dust and dirt and not under shade
  • Ensure that all unused appliances are turned to maximize usage.

What should I do if my Solar Home System stops working?

Call our customer care line for immediate support.

My system got stolen, what should I do?

The SGI Solar Home System is fully secured and can be remotely locked in order to prevent unauthorized usage. If there is a case of theft, notify us and report the matter to the police.

What kind of maintenance is required?

The SGI Solar Home System is an Intelligent system that allows our technicians to remotely troubleshoot and solve any problem that may occur in the course of usage. The only thing we ask of our customers is to make sure the panel is cleaned regularly.

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Our agents are the integral part of our business model, therefore they are trained and equipped to have comprehensive operational systems of our products and the business dynamics, through undiluted partnership and business agreement by whose channels and networks our products are distribute. our quintessential Agent is a business owner with a zeal for growth. Our value proposition provides illumination for extended hours of operation and additional stream of revenue for SGI agents ensuring a symbiotic relationship between our agents and us

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Our Installers are professionally trained and mentored towards becoming Successful entrepreneurs with full product knowledge and installation expertise, we ensure that installer EARN AND LEARN with the ultimate goal of breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

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