About Us


Smarter Grid International is a leading Nigerian company, developing and distributing solar systems, appliances and services for homes and businesses in emerging economies. Smarter Grid International offers state-of-the-art solar home systems at costs lower than alternative traditional fossil fuels lighting with market leading products made affordable by a rent-to-own scheme, thereby paving way for solar revolution in the developing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of the life of Africans by bolstering energy security that leads to enormous economic and social growth. We are combating climate change and dependency on hazardous and expensive toxic fossil fuels by providing market leading solar home and business systems to replace these stop gap technologies.

Our Vision

Smarter Grid International aspires to provide reliable, clean and sustainable electricity to millions of households and businesses across Africa. By fulfilling the genuine energy needs of businesses and homes, from lighting, phone charging to, family entertainment, Smarter grid International aids the developing world towards a trajectory on the energy ladder. Smarter Grid focuses on giving access to the fundamental need of access to electricity through a vast network of agents, retailers and full time staff combined with superior customer service whilst providing hundreds of jobs in local communities. SGI is now working on expansion strategies into all 36 states across Nigeria and expanding its product portfolio, thereby stimulating economic and social development while instantaneously contributing to global environmental protection.

Our Values

At SGI we are committed to maintaining compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws of our host nations. Our employees have a duty to act honestly and professionally in all dealings. All employees and third parties involved with SGI are mandatorily required to subscribe to the company’s anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy. In pursuit of our goals, we pledge not to induce or cause anyone to be induced to breach the protocols of tendering, procurement and other activities related to our business interests. .



Our Team

Our staff base consists of highly qualified personnel with a diversity of strengths in the various disciplines of management, administration, finance, engineering, law, business development consultancy as well as technicians, electricians, community based agents, freelance agents, third party agents, customer representatives with industry specific knowledge and skills.

Board of Directors


Heather Onoh (Mrs.)

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary executive, Heather has over 20 years domestic and international experience in operations, management, market identification, strategic business planning and strategic positioning of startup and growth organizations.

Heather has overseen complex projects in Nigeria, such as acquisition of the 1020MW Sapele Power Plant, ($210M deal)

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Francesca Turner

VP Marketing & Communications

Francesca is noted for her role as an Ambassador for Social Change and a Strategic Thinker. Francesca has worked within nonprofit organizations with focus on improving lives, financial independence and the justice system.

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Adebukola Adejumobi

Chief Financial Officer

An astute finance expert, Adebukola founded multi million Naira Penrose Consulting and co-founded Cleanaqua Africa

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Liu Zhaolong

Project Consultant

Passionate about energy efficiency and sustainable energy development, Liu is a first class engineer with expertise in energy storage architecture and applications

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Kumar Anup

VP Operations

Kumar is an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment specialist with over 13 years of experience ensuring the quality delivery of large environmental

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Natasha Amaefuna

Director, Sales & Marketing

Natasha is a vibrant technocrat with a depth of knowledge and experience in market programs, brand management, strategic business development

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