Helping to create LEADERS by distributing CLEAN, AFFORDABLE & SUSTAINABLE solar system to Africans living off the grid

Our Mission

Our solar system contribute to the improvement in the quality of the lives of Africans.

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Our Vision

Our fundamental vision is to provide reliable, clean renewable energy for off the grid and underserved consumers.

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Our Values

We are committed to maintaining compliance with the laws of our host nation.

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Our Product Range

Our quality verified solar home systems consist of highly efficient solar panels in varying sizes and bi-directional Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with built in battery management systems. The systems can illuminate an entire home and power DC TVs, Laptops, multi-charging stations, pedestal fans and radios. Smarter Grid solar systems come complete with a 3 year warranty and a full service package including comprehensive customer service, free maintenance and an innovative remote monitoring technology.

Registered US Federal Contractor

US Federal Contractor Registration