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Edo Govt. seeks more empowerment opportunities for women

  Edo State government has partnered with non-governmental organisations to explore ways of empowering women so that they can contribute more to the development of their immediate and extended...

Piloting mobile payments for solar home systems in Nigeria

News Updates Smarter Grid International is a solar distributor in Nigeria focused on addressing Nigeria’s huge energy access gap. Though their grant they will work with Airtel Nigeria to launch...

Off grid solar in Africa

  For most parts of rural Africa, sunset is synonymous to darkness. This has been the trend for so long that it is seen as the norm rather than the exception. Data shows that 622.6 million of...

We’re solving energy poverty to create jobs

News Updates  Mrs Heather Onoh is the MD of Smarter Grid International, a renewable energy company.  Recently, the company produced a solar powered kiosk aimed at creating jobs. She tells us...

Smarter Grid becomes the first Nigerian energy company to offer Lighting Global verified Solar home Systems

News Updates Smarter Grid has met the Lighting Global quality standards and been awarded a quality Assurance Certificate for all its solar home systems. Lighting global is an initiative of the World...

SGI Improving Power Supply

News UpdatesIn a country as Nigeria where more than 55 per cent of its people live without access to electricity, and spends over $14 billion annually on access to basic energy, Smarter Grid...



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